[ic] To force an http 200 Ok

Marco Mescoli m.mescoli at omnib.it
Wed Aug 31 10:22:05 EDT 2005

> I can think of the following solutions:
> 1) integrating the store and send process so they are one item and not
> having to wait for eachother. i don't know enough about your set up to
> if this would be feasible.
> 2) have you considered using a meta refresh:
> 1- script posts data to IC page: storesms.html  (store-sms)
> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="1;url=/catname/sendsms.html?&f1=[cgi
> name=f1 filter=entities]&f2=[cgi name=f2 filter=entities]"> etc
> and the page contains your store sms routines. Perhaps you should put the
> refresh rate to be longer. This should return a 200 OK
> 2- sendsms.html contains the send-sms code and it receives the params from
> the smspost so you know where to look for the information you have to be
> sending back.

1) I cannot figure how is it implementable
2) Good idea. Tested but the http client of sms-machine is raw and not
follow meta refresh.

My DIRTY UGLY solution: my IC page sms-send is called with looping unix
command line wget
and inside of this page i test the database for new incoming sms and when
there is a new one
i post to the sms-machine the outgoing sms.
Now i test it better but, for now, seems work.

The problem is my ignorance in perl language, it is not the best solution
use IC tags
or scripting languages triggered from http client to solve these problems.

Thanks to all.

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