[ic] Credit card number corruption

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Fri Dec 9 11:06:28 EST 2005

> Hello all,
> Using an older 4.6 version of IC that has been running great up until this 
> morning.  Now, when an order comes through, the PGP-encrypted credit card number 
> has about 12k of garbage in it.  All sorts of weird characters, looks like a lot 
> of VT100 type command strings... some strings from IC, etc... Buried in almost 
> the last part of the junk is the credit card number.
>  From looking at the logs, the one thing I noticed is this from the error log:
>> NnVksvv3: - [09/December/2005:01:49:32 -0500] tlistor
>> e /solux/cgi-bin/tlistore/ord/checkout.html search error: Limit subroutine creat
>> ion: bad limit creation code in coordinated search, probably search group withou
>> t search specification. at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Search.pm line 703.
> No errors are displayed to the customer, and everything else appears ok.
> There was a small mod done to checkout.html (purely cosmetic), but I tried 
> restoring the original from a backup, no difference.
> Any ideas?  Places to look?  Why would a search be being called from checkout?
> Bob

Can you post the code from your checkout page, and tell us what the
cosmetic change was? Did the problem began just after that change was made?

Also check other system logs and apache logs for clues.


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