[ic] Problems with calling [userdb] within embedded Perl

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Fri Dec 9 12:08:10 EST 2005

Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (racke at linuxia.de):
>>one of my customers has a complex login procedure. Therefore I'm doing it in
>>embedded Perl within the login profile.
>>All that worked without problems until the customer wants to save and 
>>the cart.
>>Now login is no longer possible for users with saved carts:
> None of this has changed -- it should never have been possible
> with saved carts.

I know, the "now" was referring to my situation as shop developer where logins
were no longer possible.

>>Bad structure in carts: Bad structure in carts: 'require' trapped by 
>>operation mask at (tag 'perl') line 1. (in cleanup) Undefined subroutine 
>>&main:: called at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/Safe.pm line 235.
>>Responsible for this problem is the reval in the Vend::UserDB::get_hash 
> It might make sense to use Vend::Util::string_to_ref instead
> of the direct reval call.

That works like a charm. Any drawbacks for using that method ? It seems
logical to use a canonical routine for deserialization.


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