[ic] Upgrade Question 4.8.6 to 5.2.0

bclark at bwkip.com bclark at bwkip.com
Wed Dec 21 13:57:10 EST 2005

I have a production server that needs to be upgraded ASAP.  We have set up
a test server identical to the production server.  The upgrade went well,
however the customer has HTML code in the label field.  Something is
translating the '<' and '>' into '&lt' and '&gt' because of the simple
formatting code like <BR> will actually display on the page.  Without the
formatting the code everything runs together.  I have tried several
different characters to see if I could prevent the above translation.

I really need to be able do some formatting and also update the real
production server very soon.

Any help is appreciated.

Brian Clark

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