[ic] Undefined subroutine &Vend::Dispatch::update_global_actions

Brian J. Miller brian at endpoint.com
Wed Dec 21 16:29:51 EST 2005

Andreas Grau wrote:
> On 12/18/2005 01:24 PM, Andreas Grau wrote:
>> [interchange at mondrian ~]$ bin/expire -c standard
>> [interchange at mondrian ~]$ bin/expire -c tools
>> bin/expire: Configuration for catalog tools failed: Undefined
>> subroutine &Vend::Dispatch::update_global_actions called at
>> /home/interchange/lib/Vend/Config.pm line 4617.
>> I assume this is a configuration issue, but where ? Any clues ?
> Bump. Any ideas about what I can do about the Undefined Subroutine error ?
> Thanks,
> Andreas

Do you have version information for the two files in question,
Vend/Config.pm and Vend/Dispatch.pm (grep Revision Config.pm Dispatch.pm
from within the $ICROOT/lib/Vend directory should show you)?  My
Vend::Config doesn't have a line 4617, but Dispatch does define
update_global_actions. Have you checked for the subroutine to see if it
exists in Dispatch.pm?

Brian J. Miller
End Point Corp.

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