[ic] RPC Mode Restart - Orphaned / Dangling Interchange Child Processes

Cameron B. Prince cplists at princeservices.com
Thu Dec 22 12:59:41 EST 2005

Hey guys,

I've recently started hosting a few IC catalogs. I switched to rpc mode to
fix the perl signals issue, but I've now noticed the side-effect of the
interchange processes remaining after either a restart or a stop and start.

There are numerous mentions of this on the list, but I didn't see a patch,
fix or work-around. I'm running the following:


Dual Intel CPU's
Fedora Core 4 
Perl v5.8.7 (Local from source)
Interchange v5.2.1

IC Settings:

Variable  TRAFFIC  rpc
ifdef TRAFFIC =~ /rpc/i
Message RPC traffic settings.
PreFork             Yes
StartServers        5
MaxServers          0
MaxRequestsPerChild 100
HouseKeeping        2
PIDcheck            120

Any ideas on handling this?

These catalogs are for the most part, low traffic. I'm wondering if I'd be
better off going back to Perl v5.6.1 which apparently didn't have the
signals problem and switch back to low traffic mode.

Thoughts, ideas or suggestions appreciated.


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