[ic] Undefined subroutine &Vend::Dispatch::update_global_actions

Andreas Grau agrau at esquat.com
Thu Dec 22 15:47:02 EST 2005

On 12/22/2005 05:42 PM, Kevin Walsh wrote:
  > I've not see this error yet, but it can probably be fixed by adding
> the following line, marked with a "+", to your bin/expire script:
>  use Vend::Session;
>  use Vend::Config qw(get_catalog_default global_config parse_time);
> +use Vend::Dispatch;
>  use Vend::Util qw/errmsg/;
>  use Getopt::Std;
>  use vars qw/$opt_c $opt_r $opt_e $opt_f $opt_u $opt_v $opt_x/;
> I have no idea where that huge line number came from.

Thanks, Kevin. This fixed it. No more problems.

And thank you, too, Brian. Out of curiosity: You mention that your 
Vend/Config.pm doesn't have a line 4617, mine has 5316 lines. 
Interchange voodoo ? My version information are:

# $Id: Config.pm,v 2.190 2005/11/29 02:19:07 mheins Exp $
# $Id: Dispatch.pm,v 1.60 2005/10/31 15:13:09 mheins Exp $

Thanks again,

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