[ic] UI and Standard Store

Michael Curtis Michael.Curtis at glcweb.co.uk
Mon Dec 26 17:31:47 EST 2005

FreeBSD 6.0
IC 5.3.2
Mysql 5.0
Perl 5.8.7 (no threads)

Hi folks

Trying to understand IC by working my way through the Standard Store,
(index.html in catroot\pages)

In particular I am having difficulties with [control-sets] & [component]
but have read past emails re this and will digest

My question is although the Standard store and the UI seem to work fine.
In earlier versions of IC I have been able to display the page layout or
rather how the page is constructed, with its regions and how the
components fit together 
I have not been able to see that in this version.  Is it still there or
is my install broken?

Mike Curtis

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