[ic] UI and Standard Store

Michael Curtis Michael.Curtis at glcweb.co.uk
Tue Dec 27 01:27:36 EST 2005

Michael Curtis [Michael.Curtis at glcweb.co.uk] said:

> In earlier versions of IC I have been able to display the page layout
> rather how the page is constructed, with its regions and how the
> components fit together
> I have not been able to see that in this version.  Is it still there
> is my install broken?
> Mike Curtis

Have you looked in Miscellaneous --> Legacy Tools --> Layout Editor? Is
what you need?

Good luck!

Curt Hauge

Thank you Curt for confirming I was looking in the right place

Unfortunately I cannot see how to use or populate the layout editor.
My install works just like the demo store on the icdevgroup site that is
I cannot see how to populate that layout editor either!!

Why would this tool be in the legacy section, is it deprecated?


Mike Curtis

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