[ic] Problem with admin UI images

Zambra michael at zambra.com
Mon Feb 28 07:49:45 EST 2005

Zambra wrote:
> Sorry for bothering with this problem, that has been written about so
> I have read a lot of list messages, but I am unable to find the solution.
> 1. I have installed Interchange from the source under Red Hat Linux 9. I'm
> working with Apache 1.3.39 (I think) and MySQL (latest release). This is a
> test environment.
> 2. I have installed Interchange (and depending scripts) without any
> 3. Both the storefront and the UI work perfectly.
> 4. Only problem is that the images in the UI are broken.
> 5. The images are under /www/interchange-5
> 6. The path specified for UI_IMAGE_DIR and UI_IMAGE_DIR_SECURE is
> "interchange-5/".
> 7. I have tried the previous and many other configurations, like
> "/interchange-5/", "/interchange-5". None works.
> I get the following src path pattern for the broken images:
> http://MYDOMAIN/cgi-bin/mc5/admin/interchange-5/en_US/icon_config.gif
> 8. The funny thing is that when I leave "UI_IMAGE_DIR" and
> "UI_IMAGE_DIR_SECURE" as "/" I get this kind of pattern:
> http://MYDOMAIN/en_US/icon_config.gif
> 9. I have tried with "variable.txt", too. I guess this is being updated
> I apply the changes from the UI anyway.
> How can I get the images to be shown?
> Any help is greatly appreciated!
> Best regards,
> Miguel

Mark wrote:

> I've run into this a few times when I've spent far too much time in my
> chair and need a break. Move the directory with the images in it Up one
> directory and see if that works.  It appears that you've got the
> interchange-5 directory buried a few dir's too deep.
> the best way to install any interchange installation is to put the share
> directory on the web server's root. i.e. /var/www/html/interchange-5.
> According your URL it appears as though the interchange-5 directory is
> actually inside your cgi-bin. this shouldn't be. even "if" this is not
> the case according to the URL you've posted thats where its looking.
> --
> Mark

Hello Mark,

thanks for writing! That's the funny thing: actually the share directory is
not where the URL:



It is right below my www directory, that is:

   /path to server/www/interchange-5.

Under the cgi-bin I only have what seems to be the interchange demon. It is
called "mc5", and is an executable. The name "mc5" is a parameter for the
path bit specific to my catalogue I entered during installation.



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