[ic] Usertrack problems

Cameron G ritontor at icenet.com.au
Tue Jan 4 08:21:42 EST 2005

Hi everyone, just thought I'd throw this question to the IC devs and see
what they're suggesting. I've got a usertrack file on a site that's gotten
to 25 meg in size, which isn't especially large by any means, but whenever I
go to view traffic stats, the IC task leaps to 160MB ram usage and the cpu
usage goes beserk. It does eventually work, which indicates to me that the
file itself isn't corrupted or any such oddity, it just seems to be acting
like it's loading the entire log in to RAM before grepping it? I'm not
really sure what to think, and while I'm sure I can simply rotate the log
and get it smaller, 25MB shouldn't be that much of an issue. This IC is
4.8.6 by the way, perhaps this code has been reviewed and improved in later

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