[ic] Need to use Linkpoint3.pm without curl

Josh - 185 Performance josh at 185performance.com
Tue Jan 4 19:05:24 EST 2005

Linkpoint's secure.linkpt.net server's cert is not listed in the curl 
installation my Interchange hosting provider uses, and they 
understandably won't add it to the cert bundle (if that's even possible 
on the older curl they're running).

Additionally, their version of curl does not accept the -k / --insure 
flags, to ignore remote server ssl authentication.

They did, however, graciously load Linkpoint3.pm and LPPERL.pm for me.

So my only option seems to be using "shared objects", but I have no idea 
how to go about this.


...which reads, in part:

"LPPERL works differently from LPERL. It can either use
cURL/ssl (if installed) or shared objects, but there is
no longer a "linkpoint binary".

Line 195 in Linkpoint3.pm reads, by default:

## Send transaction. Use only one of two possible methods
## use shared library methods
#%response = $lperl->process($myorder);
## or use curl methods
%response = $lperl->curl_process($myorder);

I had, at one point on my test server, tried switching to use the 
"%response = $lperl->process($myorder);" line, but that solved nothing.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Josh McClain
185 Performance
Colorado, USA
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