[ic] Re: Jobs - not being processed

Jeff Fearn jefffearn at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 02:10:06 EST 2005

hmmm I have discovered that the jobsqueue file being updated is the
one in /usr/lib/interchange/etc and the housekeeping code is checking
in /var/run/interchange ... haven't found out why yet, I'll let you
know when I figure it out. atm I am manually copying the jobsqueue
file so I can debug my own code :)

I am having another problem as well, I get this error when running my new tag:

none - - [05/January/2005:16:54:35 +1000] foundation
/cgi-bin/foundation Runtime error: Can't call method "set_field" on an
undefined value at (tag 'x12_945') line 55.

Lines 53 to 55 are:

                my $my945 = X12::Base->new(FILE => $file, SPECFILE =>

                if(! defined($my945))
Seems I can't use an undefined var with the defined method ...


On Tue, 4 Jan 2005 15:03:27 +1000, Jeff Fearn <jefffearn at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I am trying to get interchange to run a Job. I have it so a job is
> placed in the jobsqueue file, however the job is not run and is never
> cleared from the jobsqueue file. There are no errors in any of the
> logs.
> I do get this error when trying to run the job from the command line:
> -------snip----
> -bash-2.05b$ /usr/lib/interchange/bin/interchange --runjobs=foundation=edi
> The previous Interchange server was not running and probably
> terminated with an error.
> Dispatching jobs=edi for cat foundation to Interchange server 0 with HUP.
> Hangup
> -------snip----
> The server IS running though.
> Here is the config from catalog.cfg:
> Jobs base_directory etc/jobs
> Jobs log logs/cron.log
> Jobs email JeffFearn at gmail.com
> edi is a directory within /var/lib/interchange/foundation/etc/jobs and
> contains the file update_edi, which logs the start/finish of the job
> and uses a custom tag to update the orders.
> cron.log is never created.
> interchange is being run by the interch user and owns all the files,
> besides this problem the store is running fine.
> I am running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 3 (Taroon Update 3).
> Basically I am setiing up Interchange to create EDI 940 "ship order"
> files, which is working fine, and then processing the EDI 945 "Ship
> Confirm" responses from the warehouse, which needs to be started by an
> outside process.
> It seems to me that IC is not running it's housekeeping routine. I
> have not been able to verify this though.
> I added this to the top of Server.pm, it is not been printed in any log:
> -------snip----
> ::logError("housekeeping interval=$interval now=$now last=$Last_housekeeping");
> -------snip----
> Thanks, Jeff

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