[ic] SQL::Parser message in error.log

Nick Hall selltothem at selltothem.com
Thu Jan 6 23:26:05 EST 2005


I recently migrated an Interchange site to a new server, on which I have
installed Interchange 4.8.9. The old server had 4.8.6. One of the pages has
a perl block with some SQL (mySQL) queries using the query tag, and
everything appears to run fine with it, but I am now getting this message in
the catalog's error.log every time the page is loaded:

Query rerouted from table products failed: Can't locate object method "new"
via package "SQL::Parser" (perhaps you forgot to load "SQL::Parser"?) at
/usr/local/interchange/interchange-4.8.9/lib/Vend/Scan.pm line 580.

Line 580 in Scan.pm that it is referencing is:

my $parser = SQL::Parser->new('Ansi');

I am running RedHat ES 3 with (non-threaded) Perl 5.8.6. I have installed
Bundle::Interchange and Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink. I suspect the
problem possibly has to do with SQL::Statement, as the server has version
1.09 installed, which installs a Parser.pm, and also has version 0.1021 of
SQL::Statement installed; the version 1.09 looks like it has precedence over
the older one. I've tried removing the 1.09 version files though and I
haven't gotten anywhere, so I'm not sure if I'm moving in the right
direction. Has anyone seen this or have any advice as to where to go next?


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