[ic] min_order mv_min_quantity mv_min_under - huh?

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Jan 10 23:17:29 EST 2005

Quoting Josh - 185 Performance (josh at 185performance.com):
> I am trying to setup minimum order quantity on an item with options.  The 
> item will most certainly be added one at a time by the shopper, with 
> different options each time.
> Here's what I've found:
> 1) inventory table holds a min_order value.  This is usable on pages.  I 
> can view with: [item-data inventory min_order]
> 2) I see the demo cart has this:
> 	[if-item-param mv_min_under]
> 		<br>
> 		<span style="color: __CONTRAST__; font-size: 8pt">
> 		[msg arg.0="[item-param mv_min_quantity]"]Minimum order 
> 		quantity of %s enforced.[/msg]
> 		</span>
> 	[/if-item-param]
> ...and Cart.pm sets up mv_min_quantity and mv_min_under.

I think all it takes is

	MinQuantityField   inventory:min_order

in catalog.cfg.

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