[ic] ic ignores usertag changes

mathias at budinsky.de mathias at budinsky.de
Tue Jan 11 04:37:37 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I 'm dealing a problem for two days now. Unfortunatly, searching the Mailing
list couldn't help me.

I use a global usertag to store session-data in a mysql database. This works
fine so far. Because it's such a bulk of information I decided to break it down
to daily portions (tables). Therefore I changed the usertag to "CREATE
("tableNameCurrentDateYearMonthDay") TABLE IF NOT EXISTS". The changed Tag runs
on my testing-system, but does not on my real system.
I put the tag into the according directory and restarted interchange
(interchange -restart). Till now, everytime I changed a usertag and restarted
interchange the changes took effect, but not so this time. I tried it several
times, but there is no chance to get interchange use the new tag.
No help through my error.logs (catalog/interchange).
No message at system startup.

Ideas, anybody?

Thanks a lot!

Mathias Budinsky

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