[ic] Removing session ID from the URL

Kip Lawrence kip at jkcrafts.com
Tue Jan 11 19:20:27 EST 2005

> You might need to be more explicit about on what server what happens
> for those of us that do not use AdSense.
> If it's a case where you need to make sure GoogleBot doesn't find
> session id's, then we've already talked about that (use RobotUA,
> RobotHost, etc.).
> If it's a case where you are displaying Google ads on your site,
> and there is some mechanism (JavaScript) where your site sends the
> current URL to Google in order for Google to send you relevant ads
> for placement on your pages (I'm just guessing about AdSense operation,
> here), then perhaps you could filter what is sent to Google to strip
> out session id and page count variables.

I've used Google AdSense before... I can explain what is happening...

To put AdSense Ads on one of your pages you copy some javascript that
Google gives you on to your page. This will send the url that is in the 
bar of your browser to Google to determine what ads to show. Google will
then match the URL (from your browser address bar) with what it's spider
had previously found. The URL passed to Google has a sessionid in it. The
URL that the spider found previously does not. Because they do not match
Google will not show real ads.

I've not done it but my solution would be to modify the javascript you 
put on
your page to filter out sessionids before you pass it to Google... this 
should fix
the problem in my opinion.


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