[ic] Session "Uneval" Mechanism

Andrew Shelansky andrew at lunsfordgroup.com
Fri Jan 14 14:27:40 EST 2005

Hello all,

I'm running Interchange 5.0.0 on a Red Hat Enterprise 3 (WS) system.

I've been having trouble for some time... basically, my issue is that if
I have two session entries whose values are both references to the same
object, after a uneval / eval cycle (basically, between returning a page
and getting the next request), something "breaks", and the two session
entries end up pointing to seperate copies of the objects instead of
pointing to the same object.

This is causing problems for me, as I have some really complex data
structures sitting in the session.

My suspicion is that, despite my best efforts, Interchange is not using
Storable as its uneval mechanism for writing sessions to disk.

Is there an easy way to find out if this is the case?

Do any of you have any other immediate thoughts as to possible causes?


-- Andrew

Interchange 5.0.0
Storable.pm 2.09
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (WS)

(This problem didn't exist before I upgraded, but I upgraded
*everything* and have been unable to isolate...

was running Red Hat 7.2, Storable 0.something-or-other and Interchange

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!  -- A

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