[ic] RE: How to create mailing lists?

JW lst at jwweeks.com
Sun Jan 16 16:57:15 EST 2005

Maybe a little late, but this is in response to 
I still think it deserves an answer, and maybe some one can weigh in with an 
easier fix.

To sum up, the person originally asking this question wanted to know how to 
change the default mailing lists in the Foundation store.  These are the 
existing lists:

offer=Special Offers
alert=Alerts and Recalls

As you can see this may not be appropriate for every bussiness.  The setup 
references for these list can be found in two asc files that relate to four 
tables in mv_metadata.  I found changing these to be pretty near impossible 
through the UI, however editing the files directly and then applying changes 
through the UI works just fine.

You should hand edit the following files and change every instance (there 
are several) of the mailing lists, then "Apply Changes".


Hope this helps in some way.


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