[ic] new_bowser_payment with a mac?

mirajewel mirajewel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 09:52:19 EST 2005

Currently using 5.2

Over the holiday's we received several phone calls about not being
able to place an order  online because there wasn't a box showing to
enter in their credit card information.  It seems to occur to
customers using a mac.  No error is showing in the log.

Looking through the archives I saw a  few posts with this problem back
in 2003 and the solution seemed to be to force the

I also see that the demo file has been modified since and went ahead
and updated my site.  Since I do not have a mac and cannot duplicate
the problem, I was hoping someone could let me know if the
new_browser_payment in the current build is still known to experience
problems with entering credit card information when using a mac?

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