[ic] Shipping Method Madness

Barry Newman packet at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Jan 17 11:54:44 EST 2005

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> Barry Newman wrote:
> >  I am having a time with one customers shipping practices. If they are
> >inside the state of Florida they want any order over $250 to be free.
> >Outside the state they want any order over $350 to be free. My idea is to
> >add a field to the user database for min order for free shipping, then
> >adding this to the shipping formula on checkout. Is there a simpler way
> >accomplish this? I have to admit I don't understand fully all the IC tags
> >and formulas so I am at a lose at this point. Any help is greatly
> >appreciated. I also am looking for paid support for IC if anyone could
> >me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
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> >-Barry
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> Barry,
> I forget how they get there trough the Admin GUI, but there is shipping
> mode fields in the states table.  Put the appropiate mode in each
> state.  I've never used it this way but I've seen the logic in the
> Interchange code that makes it work.
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  Hmmm , all I see is shipping and tax methods per Country, still looking
though. If this is fact it would make what I need done very easy. Thanks for
your reply , this would give me a good alternative if I can figure out per


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