[ic] Merchant accounts in Switzerland

Norbert Crettol norbert.crettol at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 02:00:20 EST 2005

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 20:30:51 +0100, Stefan Hornburg <racke at linuxia.de> 
 > >  > You may take a look at the new sample catalog (standard) as well,
 > >  > checkout the online demo at http://www.icdevgroup.org/.
 > >  >
 > >
 > > I've taken the one (standard) from CVS. I'm trying to install it.
 > > It looks like it uses MySQL. I will see what I can do.
 > You can use PostgreSQL as well.

I'll look if I can change it to PostgreSQL.

 > >
 > > Do you know if there's a french translation project I could
 > > contribute to ? I didn't find any.
 > No, not yet. You can work with me to get French translations
 > into Interchange.

I'm currently browsing the documentation. Can you direct me to
a place where the messages and labels structures are describe.
Is there a cenralized way to translate the site/software ?

I'd be interressed in working with you for that. We could do it
outside the mailing list. Maybe this is a little off topic.

 > > And a list of all valid
 > > locales (in switzerland we have de_CH and fr_CH, but I not
 > > sure there are valid for interchange).
 > Adding de_CH isn't problem, but does this make sense ?

I don't understand yet what the locales cover. They could
have influence on the language - in this case, we could use
fr_FR or de_DE in Switezerland. But for the currencies, and
the way amounts are displayed, it's different. We are
(unfortunately) not using EUR, but CHF. Amounts are displayed
#'###'##0.00 CHF.  But I've seen this is fully configurable in

 > > I will try to find something existing. I prefer not to write
 > > a new one if possible ;-)
 > Sure, but for a good programmer it isn't a big deal to write
 > another payment gateway for Interchange unless it is asynchronous
 > like PayPal.

I cannot do all things at the same time ;-)



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