[ic] Linux label printers

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 16:21:46 EST 2005

> > All my shipping code runs on a local server where the printer is located which
> > is not where my IC server is located. My basic flow is to pull the order data from
> > the IC server to my local server and then send the request to FedEx from there.
> > FedEx returns the PNG file to my local server where I 'open' the ZEBRA and print
> > the PNG file 1 line at a time to the ZEBRA printer (this is Linux so file really
> > ">/dev/ttyS0")
> >
> > When I first embarked on this shipping I knew I had the dilemma of IC server not
> > being
> > physically located with me so I had to choose between communicating with FedEx
> > on the IC server and then get label file to a local printer or run everything on a
> > local
> > Linux box which meant pulling all the order specific data to my local Linux box.
> > I went with pulling order data to my local Linux box so I could write directly to
> > the printer.
> >
> > Jon
> Hi Jon,
> I'm hoping to deal with this by executing the code on the server,
> converting the decoded digital TIF to PNG, and writing it to a file.
> Then it can be viewed in a browser and printed from there.  Can this
> Zebra LP 2844 be printed to outside of perl?  It looks like both of
> you are printing from within perl.  I should really have it working
> from a browser so it's really simple.  Firefox lets you specify the
> exact print command.  Do you know of any command-line tool or command
> that might print to this Zebra?
> - Grant

After some more thinking, I should be able to run a perl script that
prints to the Zebra and just specify that as Firefox's print command
right?  Even better might be to include the whole thing as a single
command.  Would that work?

- Grant

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