[ic] Error 143 during make

David Logan david at lcscreative.com
Tue Jan 18 20:24:12 EST 2005

> Quoting David Logan (david at lcscreative.com):
>> Hi Folks,
>> I've just started to look at interchange version 5.2.0. I am a relative
>> newbie to the product and am trying to set it up on a test server of
>> identical configuration to the proposed production server.
>> Solaris 2.9 - SPARC
>> Perl 5.8.5
>> Apache 2.0.50
>> Interchange 5.2.0
>> I am receiving an error 143 during the configure/make process. I've been
>> googling and note there have been a couple of issues with Solaris and IC
>> in the past with no responses on how to fix?
>> I'm hoping somebody out there is able to shed a little light on the
>> subject.
> Not many people are using IC on Solaris these days -- there won't be
> much info. You would need to find out what that error is, as I recall it
> is a socket error (you can find it in /usr/include/sys/errno.h). That
> may mean you have a firewall blocking TCP port 8786 where the test is
> done.
> My guess is that you just do a "make install" anyway, then use UNIX
> mode -- and it will work.
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the prompt response. It seems that error 143 is trying to talk
to the socket after it has been shutdown.

I gave up on trying to find out why and took your advice and did

$ make install

I'm setting up the foundation catalog and hopefully everything will work
as advertised 8-)


David Logan
South Australia

when in trouble, or in doubt
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