[ic] Perl, debian packages, and the usual issues.

Scott Martin smartin at steamvalve.com
Wed Jan 19 00:01:45 EST 2005

Cameron G wrote:
> Ok, I'm currently plugging the deb packages of IC in to a new server to
> fiddle with for a while, and I have a question: if we're supposed to specify
> a separate perl for IC alone (it's built and compiled, I just haven't worked
> out how to make IC use it yet), why don't we have the option in the deb
> package to simply specify which perl to use? Wouldn't that mean we could
> cleanly dist-upgrade and not have to worry about rewriting whatever manual
> changes it is we're going to need to make each and every time a new patch
> for the package comes out? This seems to be the sensible idea to me,
> although it's coming from the perspective of someone who has exactly 0 idea
> of how much work this sort of thing would actually require. 
> Alternatively, shouldn't we have a single config option to change? As best
> as I can tell, making IC work correctly is going to require me (a) compiling
> from source using a different perl, meaning I have to do that each and every
> time there's a new patch, or (b) make numerous changes to theare
> /usr/lib/interchange/ files time and time again each and every time there is
> a new patch. Doesn't this seem like a little bit too much work? I have a
> number of IC servers around the place, and in all honesty, I'd really
> appreciate the ability to update with a single apt command. That sort of
> thing saves me a significant amount of time out of my already too busy life.
> are
> How does the rest of the community feel about this stuff? Am I just being
> lazy, or am I asking for stuff that's Far Too Complicated? I guess any links
> in the direction of where I can find the instructions on altering IC to make
> it work with a different perl wouldn't go astray either ;)
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Hi Cameron

I totally agree with you but found that Kevin from Cursor.biz turned us 
on to 'kitchensink'. I by no means claim to be a programmer but it 
allowed me to get ic going using debian & worked like a charm. Thanks 
Again Kevin! Search the IC mailing lists & also checkout linuxia.de who 
handles Debians IC distribution.

Good Luck
Scott Martin

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