[ic] Linux label printers

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Thu Jan 20 00:10:00 EST 2005

> Maybe printing a TIFF or PDF isn't where it's at for the Zebra.  USPS
> has a third option to create a custom label.  That seems like the one
> that's suited for printing like this.  You could use custom ZPL or EPL
> that way.

If you have one of these custom label files from USPS I should be able
to at least test it through my Zebra.  I assumed PNG, Brian says
ZPL or EPL... in any case it works.

> This has me thinking about using an airbill pouch, laser printer, and
> 8.5x11 instead of the Zebra.  I could print the PDF from a browser and
> not have to mess with ZPL/EPL or trying to integrate the driver-less
> Zebra into the workflow.  If anyone wants to compare the merits of
> airbill pouches and thermal labels, I've got some ideas on that.  Let
> me know.

Are the paper, pouches and ink free like the thermal labels ?
Seems more time consuming to deal with sticky pouches
and folding paper then to simply peel and place the thermal labels.
To me those were compelling to choose the thermal option
not the mention the issues of printing a clear bar code.

> Does anyone know if the UPS API has an option to print something like
> a PDF that's all set up?

Don't know.

> - Grant


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