[ic] Admin order entry failing

Glenn McCalley techlist at bnetmd.net
Fri Jan 21 14:51:09 EST 2005

Hi there,
Entering an order through the admin interface.
When one clicks "Place Order" one gets the error:

Customer record creation: There was an error adding to the customer table.
table userdb: Attempt to write userdb::password::U03216 in read-only table

- This has never worked properly in this particular store.
- Same results regardless of the admin user ID used, including interch, the
Site Administrator.
- Customer orders online are going well with no problems.

The error.log shows:
...process Route log failed.
...process ERRORS on ORDER IS003718
...process Attempt to write userdb::password::U01956 in read-only table
...process Safe: Auto-create of user tailed. at (tag 'perl') line 1.

which would seem to indicate a password error?

- Route log and Route entry are untouched from installation.
- I checked the posts from last summer that discussed an error creating a
customer record due to no password because of no zip code entered and this
has a zip code.  Well, there is a 5 digit number in the box and the no-zip
edit passes.
- There is no existing user "U01956".  There is a U01955 and U01957.
- Unix permissions are the same as all our other stores.  Admin order entry
works OK in the other stores.
- It seems all stores share the same UI entry.html page so I wouldn't think
that's it since other stores work OK.
- comparison of catalog.cfg and variable.txt files with stores that work
doesn't seem to show anything of value.

IC 5.2.0 / Perl 5.8 / Perl signals are unsafe / MaxServers = 0

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