[ic] Bug in 5.2 with username case sensitivity

Nicholas Cook ncook at intropolis.com
Sat Jan 22 05:15:48 EST 2005

I've found that username's are case insensitive when logging in, but are 
case sensitive when trying to pull up order tracking (order_detail).  I 
believe the specific snippet from order_detail.html causing the issue is:

[perl transactions]
        my $on = $Session->{arg};
        my $un = $Tag->data('transactions', 'username', $on);
        if($un eq  $Session->{username}) {
                delete $Scratch->{bounce_page};
        else {
                $Tag->warnings('Not your order!');

How can you change this so that usernames are case insensitive like they 
are during the login process?

This issue is reproducable in the current nightly build.

Thank you.

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