[ic] Re: Report errors

Jeff Fearn jefffearn at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 19:21:29 EST 2005

I have decided to fix this error by modifying these lines from report.html from

[value table[loop-code] ]
[value column[loop-code] ]
[value key[loop-code]]
[value edit[loop-code]]


[value name=table[loop-code] enable_html=1]
[value name=column[loop-code] enable_html=1]
[value name=key[loop-code] enable_html=1]
[value name=edit[loop-code] enable_html=1]

Does anyone see any problems with this?

Does anyone else use the Report page? If so have you been required to
modify this code to prevent the '<' in the <option> tag being changed
to &lt;?

This seems to be broken out of the box.


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