[ic] Usertag: table_organize question

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Tue Jan 25 10:45:04 EST 2005

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, Gary Norton wrote:

> I am working on updating my modules to validate against XHTML 1.0 
> Transitional and want to make a change to the table_organize tag.
> Tags are case sensitive in XHTML so I need to change <TD> to <td> and </TD> 
> to </td> (the embed function of table_organize requires the case differences 
> in order to determine which code it should manipulate, and which code it 
> should not).

You could just postprocess the final output to lowercase the HTML tags. At 
the end of the sub, remove the "return $out . $postamble;" and put this 

     $out = $out . $postamble;
     $out =~ s:(</?TD>): lc($1) :eg;
     return $out;

That's untested, but the general idea should work.

> I tried to search for regex syntax on the "s:" notation (didn't know the 
> proper terminiology, so results were sparce). It seems that this syntax is 
> deprecated in favor of the s///s (I am making an assumption that the trailing 
> "s" is for singleline).
> Can anyone give  me a bit of help here on this? Have I made the correct 
> assumptions about the s:::s syntax?

No, there's nothing deprecated about s::: -- it's just a different 
delimiter. And the trailing "s" modifier is fine too. Read the "perlre" 
manpage closely.


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