[ic] missing.html and a 404

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Tue Jan 25 14:33:46 EST 2005

>>Ok, I just realized that I did not test the missing page in my browser
>>after this change. The spider does indeed get the 404 code with the
>>changes above, but the browser does not properly parse the page.
>>The following change seems to be working in both the browser and the spider:
>>[tag op=header]
>>Status: 404 Not found
>>Content-type: text/html
>>Sorry about that 8).
>Either of those [tag] tags just returns a blank page for me.  Probably
>a 404 too though.  You get the whole page when browsing?
Yes, I get the 404 from the spider and the formatted missing.html page 
(using __NOLEFT__) in both Firefox and IE.

Here is my entire missing.html:

[if type=explicit compare=`q{[subject]} =~ m{^admin/}` ]
[set ui_failure]<h2>[msg arg.0="[subject]"]Sorry, the page (%s) was not 
[include admin/error.html]
[tmp page_title]
[msg arg.0="[subject]"]Sorry, the page (%s) was not found[/msg]
[tag op=header]
Status: 404 Not found
Content-type: text/html


<H1>[scratch page_title]</H1>

[msg arg.0="[subject]" arg.1="[page index]" arg.2="</a>"]The requested 
page (%s) was not found. You can %sreturn to browsing our catalog%s, if 
you wish.[/msg]

<!-- current page: @@MV_PAGE@@ -->


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