[ic] Red Hat updates cause IC to crawl

Boyer, Jim boyerj at wsu.edu
Tue Jan 25 16:46:34 EST 2005

I recently updated my Red Hat Enterprise system with the following two

RHSA-2005:043-13  Updated kernel packages fix security vulnerabilities

RHSA-2005:012-10  Updated krb5 packages fix security vulnerabilities

I am running IC 5.2.0,  Perl 5.8.5, MySql latest Red Hat version

Once I installed the above two updates, my Perl interaction to mysql is
very slow.  PHP to mysql appears okay.  I am running a non-threaded
version of Perl, and it has been running for over year without any
problems.  Where I notice this is my Interchange shopping cart, runs
very, very slow between pages of products when it has to extract data
from the database.  Fortunately I didn't automatically update my
production server.  I have going back to a previous kernel version, but
that didn't help.  I haven't changed Perl or mysql, I just rebooted the
server and the problem appeared.  


Has anybody else seen this problem or have any ideas what may be causing
the problem?

Thanks for the help,

Jim Boyer
Systems Programmer
College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences 
Washington State University

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