[ic] How to display quantity in stock

Calgary Ecommerce Services webmaster at calgary-ecommerce-services.com
Tue Jan 25 21:39:23 EST 2005

Can anyone suggest a way to show the quantity in stock, on the results_grid?
I can see that in-stock and out-of-stock conditions are detected in:

my $q = $Tag->data('inventory', 'quantity', $sku);
if ($q > 0) {
     $record->{stock} = <<EOF;
I'd like to display quantity in stock instead of or in addition to the Yes/No,

    [L]SKU[/L]: {SKU}<br><br>
    [L]Stock[/L]: {STOCK}<br>

I'm not that familiar with perl. How can the quantity field in inventory be
accessed directly, for each item that gets displayed?

Stanley Major
Calgary Ecommerce Services

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