[ic] mv_sql_query problem

David Hull dhull at caboosehobbies.com
Wed Jan 26 16:55:53 EST 2005


I am attempting to create a search page using the mv_sql_query tag with a
value of
<code snipe>
"<input type="hidden" name=mv_sql_query value="select products.sku,
scales.name as scale, roadnames.roadname as roadname,
manufacturers.name as manufacturer, categories.name as category,
products.location, products.stock_status, products.price
from products, scales, manufacturers, roadnames, categories
where products.scale = scales.code and products.roadname = roadnames.code
products.manufacturer = manufacturers.code and products.category =

and I receive a "BAD_SQL" error message. I can successfully run this query
from the command line in mysql.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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