[ic] Shipping table (export from Germany, etc.)

Joachim Leidinger info at ebusiness-leidinger.de
Thu Jan 27 05:37:09 EST 2005

Hi List,

after reading docs, I need more informations how to create new shipping 
tables (Zones and Rates within Germany and for exporting from Germany).

In the usps.txt file, I see

code	name	ems	max_ems	air_pp	surf_pp	max_pp	pp_ins	letter_post	gxg	


AD	Andorra	6	44	7	6	70 Air 44 Econ.	5000 Air 600 Econ.	3	6	

What is the meaning of "ems", "max_ems", "max_pp", "pp_ins", 
"letter_post" and "gxg"?

For Andorra, it seems to me, 7 is the zone number for air_pp and 6 for 
surf_pp (from the U.S.). But what is 6 for ems and 44 for max_ems?

In the file country.txt, I see

code	sorder	region	selector	shipmodes	name	iso	isonum	tax
AD	9	Other	AD	surf_pp air_pp	Andorra	AND	20	

What is "sorder", "iso" and "isonum"?

Thank you very much for helps, hints and tips!


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