AW: AW: [ic] CC & COD extra charges ?

Niels Svennekjær linux at
Thu Jan 27 06:22:38 EST 2005

Hi Lars

>>I have reloaded interchange, I have done nothing special to 
>>reload only this catalog or made changes in the local 
>>catalog.cfg (the server have more running catalogs)
>Did the shipping.gdbm or the shipping.db change the date of last
There is no shipping.gdbm or shipping.db, anywhere on the disk (I did a 
'find / -name '),
there are 11 other *.gdbm files, and access.gdbm have changed

Shuld there at all be a database file for shipping (else than the 
shipping.asc) ?
I looks like the 'cc'  value can be found at the checkout page, the 
value is just not added to [handle]

(and the normal shipping calculation does work fine with our normal 
- niels

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