[ic] CC Expiry problems due to drop down

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Fri Jan 28 07:43:58 EST 2005

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Subject: [ic] CC Expiry problems due to drop down

> Hi
> IC 5.3
> Just wondering if this is happening to anyone else?
> We encrypt the CC number and process via our own terminal not a payment
> gateway.
> It appears to be happening more frequently now (probably as we have more
> orders) that the CC expiry dates are incorrect.
> I believe it is because the CC expiry date is a drop down list and users
> try to move down the page on the checkout with either a wheel mouse or
> down arrow and don't realize they are changing the date.
> I am going to change this to a non-drop down field in our sites as it is
> becoming very un-professional having to call or e-mail people to get the
> correct date.
> Thanks
> Andrew Rich
> Maps Downunder
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Happens to us all the time with the state and shipping option drop-downs.
Customers would call on the phone "I specified UPS Ground and your system
changed it to Next Day Air what are you trying to do?"  We just did the
online store for the Presidential Inauguration, meaning a -whole- lot of
people who don't buy a lot of stuff online, and had several dozen complaints

We had to hold a demo session with the order fulfillment people to prove
that the system wasn't "mysteriously changing" shipping to Next Day Air all
by itself.

Don't know of a fix - other than make it an input field like you say -
operator headspace errors are sometimes the toughest to allow for.


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