[ic] Cart component product options increase table/page layout

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Fri Jan 28 10:35:03 EST 2005

L C wrote:

>I am new to Interchange so forgive my ignorance if
>this is an easy fix, but I've looked all over for a
>How can I make the product options in the "cart"
>component Not reek havoc on my page layout?
>I'm not sure if this is proper, but if you click the
>"Buy Now" button from this link, keeping the
>My "Your Shopping Cart" (and Check-out, too) Page
>layout is totally blown out of kilter.  i.e. it goes
>from 750 pixels to well over 850px and looks awful.
>How can I decrease the text size (changing
>font="size=1" to -1 does nothing) or somehow make
>these options fit within my page boundaries.  I would
>be GRATEFUL for any help!
Another option is to modify the page so that the options don't display 
in the same table cell as the description, but rather on another line 
with a colspan associated with it.

You can see what I mean by clicking buy now from this link: 

This site has several options on some products and the option line 
eventually gets too long to keep readable in the "description" cell. By 
moving it into another row, things maintain some legibility while still 
giving them the chance to change options in the cart.


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