[ic] CC & COD extra charges ?

Niels Svennekjær linux at post10.tele.dk
Fri Jan 28 11:17:28 EST 2005

Andrew Rich wrote:

>>Quoting Niels Svennekj?r (linux at post10.tele.dk):
>>>I have a 5.0.0 system running where extra COD charges does function
>>>Now my client want to add extra charges for Credit cards also,
>>Visa and Mastercard will have a problem with this, to the point of
>>yanking their merchant account.
>>Mike Heins
>In Australia it is now (last 12-18mths maybe) legal to charge (add) the
>merchant fee to the customer.  Although it is not popular with customers
>yet some businesses like computer wholesale and cut price airlines are
>doing it.
>We don't! 
I also don't like the idea, but last year the shop would have ~3000 EUR 
less cot
for the CC handling, if they have charged a hadling fee.

Most payments in Denmark (~95%) is made by a CC (here cashcard) called 
where it is alloved to charge 1.95DKK+0.10% in handling fee when dooing a 
purchase over the internet.
For eurocard & mastercard (issued from denmark) it is allowed to take 
1.25% of the
purcase (min 1.95DKK)

Form the first of jan.2005 it have even been allowed shops to charge 
when using the DKcard. But that is highly unpopular, have made a _huge_ 
in the press and resulted in people are not using the card anymore.

(but 8.feb there is a election for the goverment here, and every one is 
that the 0.50 handling fee is removed, of curse exept for the banks... ;-)

- niels

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