[ic] Cart component product options increase table/page layout

Greg greg at valuemedia.com
Fri Jan 28 11:23:57 EST 2005

L C wrote:

>Maybe I'm doing something wrong but Variants/Matrix
>options don't list the Description on one line and
>then the options below like it does with Simple
>options.  If it did, my problem would be solved as I
>wouldn't have to include the actual name of the item
>PLUS the option on every line.
You don't have to include the actual name plus the option with Variants 
either.  Just edit it to be whatever you like.
Go to the item list, find the item in question, click on the Matrix link.
Click on the sku link for one of the options. Edit the description.

And if you do not want to display the price differences, exclude the 
"price=1" from your item-options tag

And, top quoting is discouraged on this list.  /-:


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