[ic] Internal Server Error - How to trace problem?

Duane Hinkley duane at downhomewebdesign.com
Sat Jan 29 09:24:27 EST 2005

interchange at tvcables.co.uk wrote:

>Having manually installed DBD::mysql on my server with no root access, the
>foundation catalog now seems to build ok and the server runs with the ...low
>traffic setings etc. However any attempt to display the catalog or admin
>results in an Internal Server Error 500. How do I trace this problem, the
>error.log shows nothing abnormal?
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The first place I'd look is in the web server logs.  Specifically the 
error_log.  That should tell you what file and path it's trying to 
access when you get the error.  Chances are the path is different from 
where you're script is.

You also should check the permissions of the cgi for the catalog.  
Here's what mine look like:

-rwsr-xr-x  1 interch interch 7716 Aug 29 08:52 



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