[ic] odd behaviour of filter tag with area tag inside it

Tom Hodder tom at ecnow.co.uk
Mon Jan 31 19:33:59 EST 2005

Hi all,

if I do ;

[filter urlencode][area ord/paypal_standby][/filter]
[filter urlencode interpolate=1][area ord/paypal_standby][/filter]

the area tag is not interpolated, but the filter tag is processed and I 
end up with;


, however if I do;

[filter uc][area ord/paypal_standby][/filter]

rather bizzarely the response is a url with part of it upper cased like so;


rather than the orginal area tag which returns;


I'm actually trying to urlencode a area output to append as a query string.

Is there a recommended method of doing this;


Tom H

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