[ic] Updating the ICS.pm Cybersource module for use with their simple API

Louie Martinez louie at kopykake.com
Thu Jul 7 20:38:36 EDT 2005

jeff at hisgirlfridays.com wrote:
> I think that the Interchange ICS.pm just doesn't use any of the advanced
> fraud screening calls (although you can easily make it return AVS, as a
> minimum).

How would I go about having it return AVS. If I'm understanding my employer right, one of the main
reasons they want the verfication is not only to authenticate the transaction but so that we know
that the information the customer entered was indeed accurate to help avoid other fees such as UPS
fees for inaccurate shipping information such as having the wrong zipcode for the correct city. I
guess the jest of the matter is that if the AVS returns the result that the address and zipcodes
were correct, then it could, with a bit of programming, be easy to set a marker on the customer
account to signify that their account data is indeed accurate, if not...then marked with the
specific problem and the customer could be prompted the next time they log in to verify that their
information is correct.

Part of the concern is that we're interfacing our interchange store with the invoicing module of our
accounting software to automate the invoicing so that the data is dumped into the accounting
software, automagically invoiced, and the invoice printed out and sent down to the shipping
department to pack up the order and ship to the customer. Yes...a very big endeavor.

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