[ic] Use one table for product descriptions in different languages

Lars Tode lars.tode at bpanet.de
Fri Jul 8 12:34:51 EDT 2005

Hallo list.

One of our customers thought about translate his shop in different
languages. The biggest part of the translation is done by the locale.txt
There is just one exception, the title and description of each product.

One possible solution is to use different ProductFile for each language,
using the ProductFiles directive in the locale.txt
In this solution, I'd to create more than one product table and to
update both tables if something changed (data, table structure etc).
This idea is not bad, but i search for something different.

Another solution I found today on www.icdevgroup.org, DescriptionField.
I think the solution ist not so bad, except if you add more languages.

My idea is just add one more table where every descption for every
language and item is stored in.

I thought about following table layout :


Is there a possibillity the modify/configure Interchange in that way,
that it can handle this kind of table?
Or is the only way to create an own usertag, which reads the data from
the second table?

Thanx in advanced,


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