[ic] Image uploader breaks in 4.8.7 -> 5.2.0 upgrade

Peter N. interchange at framework.ws
Fri Jul 8 17:47:22 EDT 2005


I just updated a catalog from a 4.8.7 installation to a 5.2.0. 
Everything works fine, except for image uploading.  When I attempt to 
upload an image, I get an error in the log saying:

host70.catalog.com huRhk5Jw:catalog.com - [08/July/2005:17:41:03 -0400] 
catalog /cgi-bin/catalog/admin/item_edit imgxyz.jpg is not a file.

I had similar problems under the 4.8.7 catalog, which I resolved by 
adding a symlink to my image directory called "images" in my catalog 
root.  The same symlink appears in the IC 5 version of the catalog, and 
everything else (server, servername, user, file permissions) are the 
same as with the 4.8.7 catalog, except file uploads don't work.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



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