AW: [ic] Use one table for product descriptions in different languages

Lars Tode lars.tode at
Tue Jul 12 02:09:48 EDT 2005

Hi list.

Thanks for all of your ideas :)

2 Ethan :
We used mysql 4.1 as data source. The main encoding is utf8 and the
colate utf_bin. The problems you had talked about, are really ugly :(
But utf8 and mysql 4.1 including german umlauts is a very interesting
story, too ^^

2 Kevin :
The idea with the shadow tables is great, but I think the handling
(always create a new table for each language) is a bit difficult.
The idea of Ethan to use an SQL Join is greate. May be this could be a
feeature for interchange in the future?

2 Daniel :
Thanks 4 ur hint :)




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