[ic] Credit Card Processing Times Out

Mark Weaver mdw1982 at mdw1982.com
Tue Jul 12 13:12:11 EDT 2005

Jon wrote:
>>>Jon wrote:
>>>>>On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 09:38:47PM -0400, Mark Weaver wrote:
>>>>>>Any suggestions? Things are going from bad to worse...
>>>>>- Get set up with cybersource, so you can log into their admin interface
>>>>>- Get ICS.pm from Kevin's interchange site (interchange.rtfm.info or
>>>>>something similar).
>>>>>- Put ICS.pm in your interchange/lib/Vend/Payment directory and set the
>>>>>permissions as appropriate
>>>>>- Open a Cybersource support issue msg and ask them for the "older perl
>>>>>CDK version 3.4.12, your existing interface doesn't work as well with
>>>>>the new Simple API".  They will send you a link to a tar.gz without any
>>>>>- Download and install the aforementioned Cybersource CDK, you should
>>>>>end up with a directory like ICS-3.4.12 .  Do all the tests and make
>>>>>sure everything is working OK.
>>>>>- From the Cybersource directory run "./ecert <merchantid>" where
>>>>>merchantid is (for me, at least) something like v289371983.  This will
>>>>>make a poorly-secured key system in /opt/CyberSource/SDK/keys .  If this
>>>>>directory doesn't exist after you complete this step, retry from here,
>>>>>because the whole Cybersource API fails rather ungracefully and
>>>>>uninformatively if the keys aren't present.
>>>>>- Make sure the payment module ICS.pm is "required" in your
>>>>>interchange.cfg file.
>>>>>- Add the following line to your catalog.cfg:
>>>>>Variable        MV_PAYMENT_MODE ICS
>>>>>- Add the following lines down in your Route section of your catalog.cfg
>>>>>(I added it after itransact)
>>>>>Route   ICS     server_host     ics2.ic3.com
>>>>>Route   ICS     server_port     80
>>>>>Route   ICS     path            /opt/CyberSource/SDK
>>>>>Route   ICS     merchant_id     v38417948
>>>>>Route   ICS     apps            ics_auth,ics_auth_reversal,ics_bill,ics_credit
>>>>>Route   ICS     timeout         20
>>>>How is this timeout parameter used in the Payment processing ?
>>>>Does anyone know if this is supported in the generic Payment module
>>>>or just in specific payment modules (e.g. BoA) ?
>>>>In general is there a time limit the Payment process waits before declaring
>>>>a failure and can this be modified via a parameter for any or only specific
>>>>payment module ?  I'm most interested in ECHO.
>>>>Thank you,
>>>If I'm understanding correctly what you want to do you can work this out
>>>by changing the traffic settings inside Interchange from Low to rpc in
>>>the interchange.cfg file.
>>    Appreciate the response Mark.  I tried RPC mode and it caused major problems.
>>Kind of hard to explain.  It appeared as if the multiple IC processes (daemons) were
>>exchanging data with each other. For example the dollar amount from one order would
>>billed against another customer's credit card. In other words customer 1's order
>>complete and then customer 2 would complete their order but the dollar amount
>>would be from customer 1's order. I had no idea where to begin debugging that one.
>    The more I think about this and poke around at the code and logs I think
> this is just a matter of the CC process taking to long and IC giving up and
> declaring it a failure. Looking at log_transaction, and what I see in the log when
> the process dies, the code/string that should contain details from the GW about the
> reason for rejection it is instead just 0.  When there is a bona fide CC failure
> the entire string of information from the CC GW is written to CART/logs/log.
> But when it simply times out the the reason string is just '0'   Clearly IC isn't
> waiting long enough.  I'm using the high TRAFFIC mode with a PIDCheck 120
> if that would make a difference.  Otherwise anyone know if there is a global
> or catalog configuration value that would tell IC to wait longer for the CC
> server to respond ?  I can debug if necessary but some guidance on where
> to begin would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you.
> Jon

At this point before you get any deeper into it, it might be a good idea
to call the GW and tell them what you're seeing. They might be able to
offer some information as to what exactly is going on that would help.

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