[ic] RE: Strange Authnet behavior please help

Marty Tennison marty at sediva.com
Wed Jul 13 01:02:51 EDT 2005

Bill Jordan wrote:
> it almost looks like it never gets to the module at all, could this be
> something in profiles.order or the like?
> thanks again for your assist!
> Bill


Hi Bill,

I'm no expert but I'll through in my 2 cents.  BTW, I'm running the 
exact same setup as you are and it's working perfectly so I think your 
problem is a configuration problem and not software versions.

As I recall, the placement of the authorizenet route in your catalog.cfg 
  is important.  It should be placed just before all the order routes.

This message "Bill To Country is required", looks like maybe your bill 
to country variable is not set?  You might try explicitly setting that 
somewhere before checkout to see what happens.

Also, if you are not seeing any output in the /tmp/icdebug file that 
makes me go hmmm.  You should see interchange startup messages in there 
at least.  Maybe permissions problem or the location of the debug file 
is being over written in interchange.cfg?

Just some ideas.  Hope they help.
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Marty Tennison
email: marty at sediva.com
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