AW: [ic] Use one table for product descriptions in different languages

Mike Heins mike at
Wed Jul 13 12:08:20 EDT 2005

Quoting Daniel Davenport (ddavenport at
> The one drawback being that adding another language == adding another
> pair of fields. I'd be happy with that * in fact, i've done it that
> way in the catalogs where people cared about other languages * but the
> OP made it sound like it would be a bad thing in his case.

If you can figure out a way to reliably start doing new functions without
adding anything, let me know. 8-)

There are many strategies for translation, from completely replacing the
page to translating chunks to building components which provide the
link. But everything requires adding something.

Anyway, it is pretty much all moot. The hard part is doing the
translations and keeping them accurate and up to date. The mechanism
doesn't matter that much. We provide plenty of tools to help with
maintaining the appropriate files and tables, and you should be able to
hand your translators a spreadsheet and say "go to town".

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