[ic] Payment module problems

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Mon Jul 18 12:51:43 EDT 2005

Jamie Neil wrote:
>> Daniel Browning wrote:
>>> Mike has added a "use_wget" option recently to work around this very 
>>> problem. 
> Patched and apparently working OK - fingers crossed.

Everything seemed to be fine until a week or so ago when interchange 
stopped responding with one of the processes stuck on 100% utilisation.

This is the first time I'd seen this (interchange has always been rock 
solid up to now) so thinking it might be related to running in RPC mode, 
and assuming that the wget fix was working, I switched back to low 
traffic mode and restarted.

Big mistake - payment module errors came back in force.

So I've switched back to RPC mode again and so far I've not seen a 
repeat of the problem, but it looks like the use_wget option is not 
fixing it.

Can anyone suggest how we go about troubleshooting this, cos I'm out of 
ideas and I don't really want to carry on using RPC mode if I can help it.

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